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With sedation dentistry, you can be both pain-free and relaxed during dental procedures like root canals, fillings, and deep dental cleanings. At Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs in the Shrub Oak and Yorktown, New York, area, Elliot Ledner, DDS, Janet Zaiff, DDS, and the team offer oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and other options to help you through all your dental procedures. Call the office to schedule your visit today.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a dental approach that combines new technology and traditional patient comfort methods. It’s used in both pediatric dentistry and adult dentistry. 

At Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs, sedation dentistry includes several different options that put you in a relaxed but not entirely asleep state. Many patients think of oral sedation as a way to lightly snooze through their dental procedures. 

How does sedation dentistry work?

Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs offers all types of sedation dentistry for your convenience. Your options include:

Nitrous oxide

With nitrous oxide, you breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a small mask over your nose. Within a few minutes, you typically begin to feel very relaxed. Some patients feel a little giggly or light-headed. You may experience minor tingling in your extremities, with your limbs feeling quite heavy. 

Nitrous oxide is sometimes known as laughing gas because it often induces a type of euphoria that eliminates all the stress without putting you to sleep.

Oral sedation

With oral sedation, you take a small tablet, usually an antianxiety drug called Valium®, an hour before your procedure. You usually take the pill at home, and then have a family member or friend drive you to the appointment, so you’re already relaxed when you arrive at Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs. 

The procedure starts once you’re completely relaxed. As with nitrous oxide sedation, patients can expect a painless and relaxed procedure with oral sedation. 

During all sedation dentistry appointments, you wear a tiny electronic sensor on the tip of your finger. This painless sensor shows your vital signs so the team can make sure you’re safe throughout the procedure.

In combination with the state-of-the-art laser at Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs, nitrous oxide or oral sedation makes for a smooth and painless procedure. The team also offers other sedation options, but nitrous oxide and oral sedation are cheaper and equally effective in most cases. 

How long am I sedated?

It depends on the specific dental procedure you’re having and your particular needs. Most patients are sedated for between two and eight hours in total. 

What can I expect after my sedation dentistry appointment?

After your oral sedation appointment, a family member or friend drives you home because you may still be a little sleepy. 

With nitrous oxide sedation, you can drive yourself home. The effects of the sedation wear off quite quickly, so you can generally expect to feel like yourself again fast. Most patients don’t even remember the dental procedure after it’s over. 

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