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Preventive care may be easier than you think when it comes to oral health. By taking a few simple steps at home and visiting Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs in the Shrub Oak and Yorktown, New York, area, regularly, you can protect your oral health and general wellness for the rest of your life. Elliot Ledner, DDS, Janet Zaiff, DDS, and the team offer the best in preventive care for every member of your family, so call the office to schedule an appointment now.

Preventive Care Q & A

What are the best dental preventive care methods?

Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs offers comprehensive preventive care, including an oral preventive care program. Some smart preventive care tips include:

  • Brush and floss twice a day
  • Schedule regular dental cleanings
  • Limit sugar intake
  • Avoid smoking
  • Have regular dental X-rays as recommended

Preventive care can also include the use of a sports guard if you or your child participates in athletics, or a night guard if either of you clenches or grinds your teeth during sleep.

Preventive care can also help the team detect oral abnormalities that could lead to cancer. Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs uses VELscope Vx®, the most powerful tool available for detecting tissue abnormalities. 

The device uses natural tissue fluorescence to detect soft tissue abnormalities that cannot be seen by the eye. VELscope Vx helps to detect oral cancer and other diseases in its early stages, so your treatment can be less invasive and more effective. 

The Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs team can personalize your oral preventive care program according to your needs.

How often do I need dental cleanings?

Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs recommends dental cleanings every six months, as they're one of the most essential aspects of preventive care. A dedicated oral hygienist performs your dental cleanings using advanced dental equipment and procedures. 

Because the Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs team understands that every patient is unique, they customize your dental cleaning schedule for your needs. 

When should I schedule dental exams?

As with dental cleanings, you should typically schedule exams every six months. You can often combine dental cleanings and oral exams in the same appointment. 

Your Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs provider may recommend digital X-rays and/or intraoral camera imaging as part of your exam, but you don't necessarily need imaging with every exam. 

The experienced team uses specialty imaging to find cavities and other problems before they become painful or cause serious oral health issues. Additionally, your provider performs oral cancer checks during each dental exam. 

In addition to your regularly scheduled dental exams, you should also schedule an exam promptly whenever you experience new dental problems. 

Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs offers emergency dentistry for all kinds of issues like broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, and mouth pain. They also perform dental appliance repair, like repairing your dentures on-site. 

What are the benefits of joining an oral preventive care program?

An oral preventive care program is beneficial in many ways. You learn optimal oral hygiene habits, which helps you reduce cavities, gum disease, and other problems. 

Ideal oral hygiene habits, when combined with regular teeth cleanings and exams, help you manage any problems that develop in their earliest form when treatment is easiest. 

An oral preventive care program can also help you avoid whole-body health dangers like stroke and heart disease.

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