Digital Imaging (No Impressions Needed)

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At Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs, Elliot Ledner, DDS, and Janet Zaiff, DDS, share a passion for delivering quality dentistry with exceptional precision. That’s why the team serving the Shrub Oak and Yorktown Heights, New York, communities stays up-to-date on the latest in dental technology. The team uses intraoral scanning to create a detailed visual of your mouth. Take charge of your oral health by booking an appointment online or calling the office today.

What is intraoral scanning?

Intraoral simply means “within the mouth.” Intraoral scanning is a digitized and modern way to make dental impressions. The technique uses light technology to replace trays that cause unnecessary discomfort. That allows for quicker results with a better representation of your teeth and oral tissues. 

Long gone are the days of waiting for plaster molds to dry before dentists can identify potential problems. The scanning technology allows the professionals at Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs to use detailed 3D imagery as a visual aid in your treatments.

Why is intraoral scanning important?

The friendly staff at Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs know that intraoral scanning could improve your health since it pinpoints potential abnormalities or areas. Additionally, creating oral impressions digitally provides several benefits. These include:

  • Better communication between you and the Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs team
  • More comfort during the procedure
  • Saving costs by eliminating extra resources
  • Saving time by having immediate results
  • Simplifying the impression process

Detailed imagery ensures that Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs has every resource to protect your health.

Is intraoral scanning safe?

Your health and comfort come first at Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs. Intraoral scanning is a completely safe procedure that does not negatively impact your well-being. 

The scanning technology uses visible waves of light that are safe for your overall health, including the integrity of your eyes. Furthermore, intraoral scanning does not emit X-rays and is free from X-ray-related radiation. 

What can I expect during the intraoral scanning process?

Creating imagery of the mouth is now quicker and more comfortable than ever before. The expert team at Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs uses the technology to scan your teeth individually. The wand is placed into your mouth and pressed against each tooth. The entire process takes less than a few minutes, with each tooth scanned for only seconds.

You will be able to see a 3D model of your teeth after the procedure. From there, that data is stored in your patient file with any notes or specifications to help personalize your care and treatment during future visits. 

Call or schedule an appointment online to learn more about intraoral scanning and how it can simplify your future dental care.