All-on-4 (Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction)

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A great smile improves your confidence. At Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs, Elliot Ledner, DDS, and Janet Zaiff, DDS, have been reshaping smiles in the Shrub Oak and Yorktown Heights, New York, area for over 33 years. They understand the importance of patient comfort when performing full mouth dental reconstruction. All-on-4® treatment provides a minimally invasive procedure to offer you a beautiful smile. Call Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs today or book through the online portal to learn more about All-on-4.

All-on-4 (Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction) Q&A

What is dental reconstruction?

Dental reconstruction refers to any treatment that fixes damaged or missing teeth. There are a variety of solutions depending on your specific needs. Some common treatment options include:

  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Fillings
  • Implants

The knowledgeable staff at Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs may use a combination of these treatment modalities to restore teeth. Implants, like the All-on-4 treatment, are generally used in more advanced cases where full mouth dental reconstruction is required. 

Full mouth dental reconstruction specifically refers to the restoration of teeth throughout the entire mouth. Over time, teeth can become worn for a variety of reasons and require medical attention. The team at Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs recommends All-on-4 to provide you with a low-cost and efficient way to support your oral health.

Why do I require full mouth dental reconstruction?

In some circumstances, your teeth may become injured, infected, or lost. If that happens to multiple teeth, full mouth dental reconstruction proves the best course of action to offer you a beaming smile. Your health is best served when using All-on-4 as your choice of implant, as it proves to be one of the safest technologies in restorative dentistry. 

What is All-on-4?

All-on-4 is a clinically proven implant solution for repairing damaged or lost teeth during full mouth dental reconstruction. A full set of teeth is custom-tailored for your mouth and secured on four screws strategically implanted in your jaw for maximum support. Unlike dentures, All-on-4 is an innovative implant solution that stays in your mouth day and night. 

The All-on-4 method is a cost-effective and minimally invasive method to provide you with a lasting smile for years. Other alternatives may require additional surgeries, which can prove both costly and time-consuming. Additionally, All-on-4 is a graftless treatment, meaning the implants don’t require additional bone tissue to be added to the mouth. 

What can I expect during All-on-4 treatment?

Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs will first assess your unique oral health needs, followed by a bite evaluation. They may also take measurements and X-rays to aid in the implant process. Anesthesia is then used so the team can place the implants within your jaw. 

You may notice sensitivity and slight swelling following your restorative treatment with All-on-4. The staff at Ledner & Zaiff Dental Designs may also recommend that you adhere to a diet of soft foods for the first 24 hours. It’s essential that you continue to take care of your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily.

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